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First of its kind in the world – Malay Fine Dining Restaurant

It takes more than just great tasting food to make an emotional connection, especially the kind you miss after being away from home for a while. Enak KL is a restaurant that has that little something special other than delectable dishes and genuine service that makes you feel right at home - no airs, no hype, none of that pretentious "haute couture" feeling.

Enak Kl Restaurant

Enak KL's combination of delicious authentic cuisine and heartwarming service has won them numerous awards. Leveraging on their focus to bringing traditional Malay cuisine to the fine dining population, Enak KL has won many well-deserving accolades.

The fine attention to detail is evidenced from the elegant and cosy ambience that we have at Enak KL. It is almost like a trip down memory lane to the good old days when you visit your great grandmother for a family dinner get-together. In addition to the nostalgic atmosphere, each of the familiar all-time local classics such as Satay, Gado-Gado and Rendang Padang are prepared using age-old recipes that have been passed down for generations to stay true to delivering their renowned traditional Malay Fine Cuisine that warms your heart!

Enak Kl Dishes

Other than the usual staples, 'all but forgotten' local dishes also make an appearance at Enak KL in all their authentic splendour. One such dish is Botok-Botok, and Enak KL's version involves wrapping mackerel in aromatic ground spices and then steaming them with 9 types of herbs including papaya, laksa leaves and cassava shoots.

The tedious process that goes into the preparation of sauces illustrates just how meticulous they are. Every combination of spices used for each dish is thoroughly thought through, ensuring the palate is suitably imbued with the unmistakable richness of the Malay culinary heritage. Yet another case in point is the fact that they offer Sambal Bajak and Sambal Hijau along side the traditional Sambal Belacan and Acar Rempah.

Enak KL's lavish selection of dishes is made complete by their enthusiastic personalised service. To familiarise themselves with the unique pairing of dishes to deliver an unparallelled dining experience, the staff needed to go through an intensive training before attending to guests. This initiative is helmed by Sherena Razaly, owner of Enak KL, to achieve a competitive edge for the family business.

Get a feel of Malay fine dining with a heartwarming touch. Perhaps you'll rediscover one of Moyang's (ancestor in Malay) specialties you haven’t tasted in years. Bring friends and loved ones; if they care for Malay cuisine at all, they will thank you for your recommendation.

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